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About Us

The ZE.RO CO2 Tours mission is to provide the visit to the Óbidos Village, the lagoon and surrounding areas in an easy and fun way, promoting environmental preservation.

The convenience and fun derived from use of joyful Twizy, 100% electric vehicle with zero emissions of CO2 and noise contributing to the reduction of the ecological …

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Tours & Services


The Twizy has a range of about 100 kilometres which allows the Client to be free to decide their fate, so we do not formatted circuits.

However as facilitator, are suggested and available maps with possible itineraries, around the walls and the interior of Óbidos, the sanctuary of the Senhor da Pedra  and the …

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Reservations & Contacts

What you should know before you start renting:

  • To rent you must be a holder of driving license B1 or B.
  • It requires the presentation of identification documents and driving license
  • All Customers / Drivers must sign a Rental Agreement.
  • The vehicles are insured against all risks with a franchise of 4%, which corresponds to
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