It is for a person?

- The capacity is for 2 places.

The price of 20€ / hour is for person?

- No, the value hour is for vehicle.

The vehicle is fed to what?

- The Twizy is an ATV moved exclusively electricity.

What is the maximum speed?

- The Twizy 45 reaches 45Km per hour

What is autonomy?

- The autonomy is 100 kms

Who drives?

- You are the driver.

It’s hard to drive?

- No, the car has no clutch or changes, so it’s only accelerate, brake and turn the wheel.

You must have a driving license?

- Yes, it is necessary driving license B or B1, the latter is obtained from 16 years of age.

If you want with driver, is it possible?

- We in ZE.RO CO2 Tours, want everyone to enjoy the experience, so whenever possible, offer to drive us.

How do I know where to go?

- Is given a map of the town of Obidos with the circuits listed advised where the two senses banned that could go unnoticed and are explained in detail the circuits advised.

I’m limited to the circuits?

- No, the vehicle can travel on the road doing the code, just not allowed to travel on the motorway and main roads.

Can I go to Óbidos Lagoon??

- Yes, it is a journey of about 40 kms, the vehicle has autonomy in which case, if You wish, take a GPS.

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