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We are in the Tourist Office de Óbidos

What you should know before you start renting:

  • To rent you must be a holder of driving license B1 or B.
  • It requires the presentation of identification documents and driving license
  • All Customers / Drivers must sign a Rental Agreement.
  • The vehicles are insured against all risks with a franchise of 4%, which corresponds to the value of 300 euros.
  • Forms of payment: cash or bank transfer.
  • Check all conditions of the Rental Agreement

Policy reserves:

You can book online, via email: or mobile phone: + 351 919 679 860.

Is required make the reservation 48 hours in advance, if the date of the tour coincides with an end-to-week, holiday or during periods in which events take place in Óbidos: Medieval Market, Christmas Village and Chocolate Festival (see website: www. for dates of events) or 24 hours in advance on weekdays.

We ask our esteemed customers that arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the tour, to contract procedures required.

After confirmation of availability by ZE.RO CO2 Tours, will require to ensuring the book a signal of 50% the rental, via bank transfer and send proof of transfer.

And if you can not attend?

There is an unexpected and cannot attend, the ZE.RO CO2 Tours will endeavor to meet the customer needs.

It is required that cancellations are made with a minimum of 12 hours’ notice of the date and time of the tour, in which case the deposit will be refunded in full, only deducting transaction costs, if any. If the client wishes, may choose to pick another convenient date.

The ZE.RO CO2 Tours Tours charge a cancellation fee if the delay in cancellation of the reservation is not made at least 12 hours before the date and time of the tour, and to a minimum of 1 hour in advance. This late cancellation fee equals 50% deposit required to reserve, plus transaction costs for return.

No refunds will be made for bookings if the cancellation proceeding to customers with less than 1 hour in advance or do not attend onsite rental awake, or if not present the necessary documents for the procedure customary contractual service (driving license, ID ) before the tour. On every booking customers will be considered absent after 30 minutes elapsed on the agreed date and time.

The ZE.RO CO2 Tours reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to external circumstances, for example adverse weather conditions, or restrictions on movement. In these exceptional circumstances, we will try to advise you in advance of our customers and provide an alternative date or time

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