Roadmap Sanctuary “Senhora da Pedra”

Output Tour towards Port Vila pharmacy street, following the outside of the wall running through the wall, by the north slope, takes the road á right that will lead to joined of the railway line, before of the it cross turns everything to the right and follows up to the crossing with the national 8, next to the bridge of the Arnóia river. Takes direction “Caldas da Rainha” traversing the last 400 meters, you arrive to the Sanctuary of Senhora da Pedra.

After visit, returns to Óbidos, going up next to the white row of houses, behind the wall with inscription Vila de Óbidos, continues for the fountain to his left one and follows up to the wall, upon traveling through the door in the walls (Senhora da Graça) is in the interior of the Town, turns to the left one and follows for the interior always near to the wall.

It is going to leave of the Town by the Door of the Town where will have of be maintained to the right parked to the row of houses, going up for a small ramp, follows for the avenue of the parochial museum shaded by leafy plane trees, that finishes in a light coincidental ramp with the access to the parking, local where raised the electric trolley and now returns him.

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