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The Twizy has a range of about 100 kilometres which allows the Client to be free to decide their fate, so we do not formatted circuits.

However as facilitator, are suggested and available maps with possible itineraries, around the walls and the interior of Óbidos, the sanctuary of the Senhor da Pedra  and the lagoon.


How is the experience Twizy?

  • You who decide, you who drives!
  • Are possible to drive from the age of 16 to holders of driving license B1!
  • The vehicles are rented with battery to 100%, allowing autonomy around 100 kilometres, has to return with a full tank!
  • Have capacity for 2 seats!
  • They do not have pre-programmed circuits, so you are free to choose your destination!
  • The duration of the rental is free! The minimum rental period is half an hour; later periods are recorded every 15 minutes.
  • To get idea of rental times: for those who do not have much time, half an hour is enough to give back to the Castle walls complete, take “ginjinha” and cross the village from the south. Enjoy Óbidos, collect images and climb the walls one hour is enough, to go to the Lagoon, takes about 1.5 hours. Maps are available which aim facilitates the choice of circuits.
  • The vehicles are very fun and easy to drive, explore Óbidos and surroundings with ZE.RO CO2 Tours will be a memorable experience.

Want to be different?

The ZE.RO CO2 Tours wishes to contribute to the happiness of its customers, if you want to be different and have an innovative idea, as it includes meals, overnight stays, celebrations of anniversaries, dating, engagements, weddings, see the sunsets, or any other, please contact us via email, expose your idea and date, we will do everything to facilitate and provide you with unforgettable memories.

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