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Panorâmica da Vila de Óbidos

Panorâmica da Vila de Óbidos

Output Tour towards Port Vila pharmacy street, following the outside of the wall running through it around, allowing you to enjoy a landscape less publicized until the entry for the Castle walls, go through the door to the interior of the Castle Village turns to his left and park near the esplanade of the “Pousada do Castelo” where you will enjoy the magnificent views over the Óbidos Village and taste the “ginjinha” (liqueur made from the fruit of the cherry) offer include in the trip.

Recovery the route on your left, down the path until tranquilly in front of the wall running through this, always from inside the village until it reaches “Porta da Vila” where you leave.

Once outside remains at right leaning the houses, climbing up a small ramp, follows for the avenue of the parochial museum shaded by leafy plane trees, that finishes in a light coincidental ramp with the access to the parking, local where raised the electric trolley and now returns him.

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